SMEA is pleased to once again offer the Holiday Meal Sponsorships to members who could use a little extra help over the 2020 December holidays.  You have the opportunity to nominate a fellow SMEA member that you work with or your own family.  This program is intended to help deserving SMEA members who need that little extra help over the winter holidays. Help us help each other, and nominate a SMEA member today!

The Deadline for applications was November 22nd. We are no longer accepting applications at this time. Please contact SMEA if you have any questions at 209-872-1090. Thank you.

RULES: Applications must be filled out completely and submitted to SMEA no later than Sunday, November 22, 2020 – incomplete applications will NOT be considered. Gift cards are mailed out around December 7th. Membership will be confirmed and SMEA may contact applicants with follow-up questions.  There are a limited number of sponsorships available and turning in an application does not guarantee a gift card will be awarded.  We thank you for understanding that not all deserving applications will be awarded a sponsorship due to the limited number of awards available.  Please contact us with any questions at 209-872-1090.

Download the paper version here (send it in)

From your fellow SMEA members: 

“I’m a single parent with three kids.  When we received our gift card I went to FoodMaxx and purchased groceries on Christmas Day.  We had a wonderful dinner.”

“We had family that passed away, this gift really helped us complete our Christmas.”

“When my wife passed I was in financial trouble.  I have no idea who nominated me. Thank you for the food.”